i went onto omegle and these were my last 3 tags what the fuck was i doing




My brother’s dog had a baby boy!
He is a rare white Shiba Inu.
Just like a white bear!
Shiro-chan! Shiro-chan!

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Listening to my coworkers talk about fitness. But they’re wrong about so much… #fitness #incorrectinformation #selfie #sorryfortheselfie #annoyed #ijustwanttohelpthem

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Everyday is a constant struggle for me to try and relate with others, to truly be able to trust and believe those who say they are my friends. Over the past few weeks I’ve really began to rethink what real friends do and don’t do for each other. My idea of what real friends do includes: actually giving a shit about each other and enjoying everyone’s company. Respecting each other’s lives and opinions. Sharing in your friend’s triumphs and tragedies.
Now, it may be a tad bit hard for me to really get to know someone and accept them into my life as a real friend, but it’s even harder for me to take someone that was once a friend and no longer be able to truly trust said friendship.
When I have to do this for a group of guys that I’ve been friends with for years and personally think of as my brothers, well this is one of the hardest decisions of my life, to be honest. I may or may not be overreacting to the issue that this group of guys, along with other people, recently left for a camping trip, and at no point was I invited. Due to my work schedule, honestly, I probably wouldn’t have been able to join, but I feel as though simply because I wasn’t even given the offer, I’m offended and hurt. These guy are supposed to be my dudes, but truthfully, due to this, along with other occasions, I really don’t know if I can comfortably call them friends any longer.

To all of the people that have, and continue to stick by me through the think and thin, keep in tough, and even hangout with me, words cannot describe how much I truly appreciate you.

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These are gold.

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